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Comprehensive affiliate management software

Affise Reach is a comprehensive affiliate marketing platform designed for businesses to establish
and manage affiliate, referral, and influencer programs.
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Achieve unprecedented levels of partnership automation and scalability. With partnership automation, you can effortlessly expand your program and elevate every type of partnership to new heights. Whether it's affiliates, influencers, strategic business partners, mobile apps, publishers, or any other collaboration, our Affise Reach partnership platform empowers you to rapidly grow your business.

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Customers about 💙 Affise Reach Affiliate Software

How easy it was to build your work in Affise Reach?

Building our work in Affise was very easy, because the user interface is highly interactive and has well thought out options to guide the user in a professional way in both deployment and usage of the digital platform. From the day one we have got comprehensive support from Affise team which leads us to fully operable affiliate platform in just few months after launch.

Melih Askin

Acquisition director at eSky

All-in-one affiliate management software

Affiliate Program

Easy to start, track, and grow your affiliate program

Referral Program

Turn your customers into promoters

Influencer Marketing

Launch high-impact influencer campaigns

Publisher Matchmaking

Easy to start, track, and grow your affiliate program

Nurture the Relationship
With Your Partners

Unearth countless potential partners from a vast global
network and effortlessly recruit them using automated
nurture campaigns.

Browse thousands of publishers by:

Traffic sources
Audience size

Be ensure your data is protected with Affise

The highest privacy standard in the industry

See the growth achieved by
our customers through partnerships.

Experience the power of Affise Reach as you accurately track each click and conversion. Analyze your data effortlessly using pre-defined segments or create custom reports tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, you have the flexibility to export raw data for in-depth analysis according to your preference.

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Connect with more
advertisers and campaigns

Efficiently onboard and train partners for rapid productivity. Generate awareness and drive revenue through consistent and scalable partner marketing efforts, showcasing new products, creative content, and enticing incentives.

Engage with publishers efficiently:

Smart ticket system
Auto replies
Contracts approval

Never miss a payment

Streamline partner payments with a single monthly invoice, regardless of the number of partners you have. Let automation take care of the process for you. Affise Reach automates global partner payments in over 60 currencies across 214 countries

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Invoice automation
Commission Tiers
Progressive payouts

Affise Reach is loaded with features

All tracking solutions

All tracking solutions

Reach supports all modern tracking solutions such as S2S tracking, pixels and probabilistic attribution.

Multiple payout model

Multiple payout model

Choose the payout model that maximizes your business goals.

Budget management

Budget management

No need to manually control your budget. Simply set up caps for your desired actions.

Creatives management

Creatives management

Protect your brand with your own creative assets. Upload your creatives, and see which ones perform the best.

Users management

Users management

Add your whole team to Reach and manage their roles. You can also define access for each role.

Partner information

Partner information

Affise Reach allows you to check information about the publisher before working together. Check their promotion channels, traffic source, audience size, and more.

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