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The state
of partner marketing

Partner marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels. It allows businesses seeking to achieve their goals through meaningful and profitable partnerships. To succeed in this industry, staying abreast of the latest trends is essential. Our white paper provides an in-depth analysis of emerging insights and opportunities. Be ready to take full advantage of the benefits offered by partner marketing.

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state of partner marketing

What you will learn from the white paper:

  • The state of partnership marketing: statistics and trends;
  • Traffic analysis by GEOs, verticals and metrics: How diversifying marketing channels and finding the best GEOs will be mandatory to uncover new opportunities;
  • Valuable insights from industry experts to understand what lies ahead for partnership marketing;
  • A complete report on fraud in the partner marketing industry: An examination of browsers, niches, and markets with the highest percentage of fraud.

Our white paper is designed to offer a comprehensive guide for CEOs, CMOs, digital marketers, and those looking to stay ahead in the dynamic world of partnership marketing.

For that, we have gathered experts from the industry to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date vision to apply this year.

The report emphasizes that, despite the economic challenges, 2023 will present new growth opportunities, providing data-driven insights and promoting transparency to guide the industry toward channel diversification. You will gain a deep understanding of the latest trends and how they can help businesses move to the next step.

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Our experts:

  • valuadle
  • doktorabc
  • bcnmonetize
  • wargaming
  • Adstart media
  • Alfaleads
  • G2

1.5 million

marketing campaigns were analyzed

275 million

conversions processed into statistically significant results


of identified trends and studied conclusions by industry experts

Our white paper "The State of Partner Marketing: A Review and Predictions for 2023’ will save your time spent on the market’s research and give you a clear vision of where the industry is going today. It’ll guide you on what trends and tendencies you should follow, which GEOs and niches are most profitable today, and what possible threats you should be aware of. Simply put, this report will help you to make informed decisions and build your strategy most effectively.

Yulia Belenkova Yulia Belenkova Product Lead at Affise

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