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AppMarket Media Achieves 38% CR Growth with Affise-Affilitest Integration

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Appmarket media

AppMarket Media is a technology and digital agency specializing in performance marketing for mobile applications, committed to providing strategic online advertising models to clients all over the world

The сompany commits to generate efficient user-engagement strategies through performance-based models to ensure the maximum ROI for clients. AppMarket Media aims to achieve a preeminent position in advertising by cultivating loyal, brand specific consumer segments within digital marketing.

The challenges

When AppMarket Media launched their company in 2018 among the first things they needed a reliable technology provider to manage ad campaigns. Further, having spent around 10 years in online advertising, the founders of AppMarket Media were aware that their philosophy of getting the best value possible for each click was not shared by everyone in the industry. They knew about the problem of dead offers and they didn't want to allow it in their business.

Thus, AppMarket Media was looking for a performance marketing platform with a variety of features for ad campaigns management, the link-validation among them.


AppMarket Media decided to start their business on the Affise platform, for its simple and effective tracking technology and open User API. They saw Affise as a great potential that could help them build a robust ad network, since Affise gives the possibility to try different formats and business models at an excellent performance-based pricing.

First of all, AppMarket Media stuck to Affise because of its solid cost-efficient tracking that allows it to follow the ad campaigns process and analyze the key indicators.

Second, once the business was growing, AppMarket Media realized that Affise offers a bunch of advanced features that could leverage the company's growth. Among the first integrations was the one with Affilitest, affiliate link checker.

Exclusive integration with AffiliTest gave AppMarket Media unprecedented visibility into the offer landscape. From the moment AppMarket Media integrated with Affilitest, they got a holistic control over their offers. Through an intuitive dashboard they can understand which advertisers have live and well-performing offers and which ones operate with lots of dead offers.

Affilitest check, 2am
Additionally, AppMarket Media took advantage of auto-pausing and offer schedule to be able to set baseline automatic rules to keep for their business.
«Affise is not only an effective tracking technology, but also a platform with unlimited opportunities to leverage own and integrated technologies thanks to the open API.»


AppMarket Media has been partnering with Affise from the outset of their business. Owing to Affise fast speed and automation AppMarket was able to scale much faster. Along that time they built their own solution on top of Affise platform - "Automizer". "Automizer" is AppMarket Media’s inhouse platform (built on Affise) specifically designed to harness all the power of Affise & Affilitest, as well as some amazing new features specially designed for auto-optimization and API connectivity.

Also, Affise marketplace integration with Affilitest allowed AppMarket Media to stop losing money on dead offers. As you can see in the picture below, every dead offer is detected and stopped, thus ensuring that AppMarket Media saves the traffic and increases their CR.

Affilitest check, 1pm
“The integration with Affilitest gives us deep insights into different offers and their current status, and provides us with the features like auto-pausing and setting baseline automatic rules to keep our business in check. Such a synergy of technologies is one of the most important aspects of the game, when it comes to decision making and optimizations”
Tomas Forter Chief Executive Office / Founder AppMarket Media

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