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to manage, track, analyse and optimise online advertising campaigns in real-time

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Create a unique affiliate platform and become a leader of the market by adapting Affise platform to your requirement.

Every slice is customizable – you decide how the platform will look like. With Affise's wide range of customization tools, you are the master. Assemble “your own" platform and move the business in the direction that you need.

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Affise Marketing Platform is Perfect for



Enhance your brand equity with a robust technology



Stand out from the crowd and scale your network via brand recognition



Grow your business launching your own distinct Affiliate network

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Manage & analyze
the way you want

  • Configure your dashboards
  • Smart targeting & Smart Caps
  • Multi currencies and flexible payouts
  • 50+ data breakdowns
  • Comparison reports
  • Digital Element IP intelligence
  • AI Smartlinks
  • Anti-fraud Protection
  • CR optimization
  • Automatic transfer of offers
  • Tailored UI design
  • Feature-rich API
  • Third-party integrations
  • Real-time BI tools
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Extent of Customization Affise provides


Design templates
Color settings
Company Logo

System Settings

Independent Infrastructure
Custom domains for tracking & account
Timezone configuration
Easy-to-use API
Security-related services
User system

Content & Navigation

Variety of languages
Multiple currencies
Additional links & pages
Configurable footer
Customizable registration form
Tags & categorie

Alert system

Email notifications
News board
Ticketing system


Highly configurable Dashboards
A rapid edit of conversions
Custom reports

Legal information

Legal information

Privacy policy
Terms & conditions
IO documents

Customization is the new loyalty

It brings you more clients and promotes you over the rest in the industry
How does it make a difference?

It delights with the design

Clients want not only to use the product, but enjoy it at the same time. Give your clients more joy with a modern interface and stylish design of your platform

It turns you into an example to follow

Get ready to whispers among the industry actors "how can we have the same interface as...". When nobody can provide the same service, you are meant to receive more clients and orders

It makes you the chief

You define the way your platform looks like. You know what your clients want and you can determine the stack of needed configuration and integrations to smoothen operational workflow

It conquers the market for you

Design templates, transformable layouts, customizable dashboards, configurablу settings, additional pages or elements. With rich customization possibilities, you can give your clients whatever they want

What people say

Build a platform where customers succeed

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Reasons to start managing your
ad campaigns at Affise

Quick set-up

onboarding and offers transfer process

Full-stack technology

to track, analyze and optimize your campaigns

Rich customization

to reflect your brand and integrate any needed services