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Affise offers you an unrivaled level of security, reliability, and data protection, ensuring your marketing strategies are backed by a trusted platform. Our platform, built on the strength of Google's cloud service, fortifies your account against both internal and external risks. To uphold our dedication to top-notch security, we offer various solutions such as private cloud, and even on-premise software installations.


GDPR and CCPA compliance
SOC2 and ePrivacy
In-built Security Tools
Isolated Data Storage
On-premise solution
Google Cloud Infrastructure

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In-depth analytics and reports

Get a complete picture of your players' performance and track all their activity: registrations, deposits, redeposits, losses, and winnings. Keep track of player balances, view affiliate statistics, and generate reports on any metric in order to study the effectiveness of both player recruitment and engagement. Stay up-to-date on all metrics, work closely with NGR/GGR reports with an in-depth analytics option. Collect all the info on custom dashboards and get a complete performance report every time you need


NGR/GGR metrics
Player balances
Advanced user analytics
Multi-level detailed statistics
Custom dashboards
Before starting with Affise, the company used a tracking system without accurate volumes. Additionally, clicks and conversions were challenging to export. As a result, its clients couldn't efficiently create or run campaigns until the Traffic Squad team approached the Data Fusion feature on Affise's platform. With Affise, the company grew to 100 members, 40 of whom are media buyers, and streamlined its internal process, saving the team tons of work.

Payments management

Affise Performance is suitable for any iGaming business. Implement the necessary payout methods: CPA/RevShare/Hybrid. Automate commission distribution for your most active affiliates with customization options or implement a tiered commission structure. Track baselines and minimum thresholds and freely manage your own payment terms. Invoice directly or let the system generate them automatically to save your time and efforts.


Commission tiers
Individual payouts
CPA/RevShare /Hybrid payout models
Minimum threshold and baseline support
Custom invoices with auto-generate option

Need a custom solution?

Whitelabel and customized design solution will highlight your brand and show your uniqueness on the iGaming market, increasing your recognition and attracting even more partners to cooperation.

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At Affise Performance, we prioritize your needs and your success. Our dedicated support team is on constant standby, ready to address your challenges and guide you every step of the way. Benefit from our around-the-clock, free customer care, available through live chat, email, and video calls. Get immediate, reliable assistance whenever you need it.

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