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Whitelabel solution

Build successful partnerships in a unique style and raise the level of originality of affiliate network with a whitelabel option and custom design. Work with multiple brands by assigning individual custom domains to each, provide exclusive offers using different levels of privacy, and set custom commissions for trusted partners. Make enrollment in your affiliate network private and invite only trusted and qualified contacts.


Custom design
Private registration
Multi-brand domains
Individual payouts

In-depth conversion tracking

Optimize your traffic sources and get the most out of them with Affise statistics with 50+ slices. Check incoming clicks and conversions for every important detail: os, browsers, subaccounts, time from click to conversion, or even combine them into individual reports and save as a preset.


50+ statistics slices
Advanced analytics
In-depth reports
Custom dashboards
Individual presets

Guaranteed reliability: top security and data privacy standards

Affise offers you an unrivaled level of security, reliability, and data protection, ensuring your marketing strategies are backed by a trusted platform. Our platform, built on the strength of Google's cloud service, fortifies your account against both internal and external risks. To uphold our dedication to top-notch security, we offer various solutions including private cloud infrastructure.


Robust API

Use the full potential of API from Affise. Connect to modern platforms in no time, automate payments with billing solutions, integrate 3rd party tools and expand partner opportunities.


Billing API
Full access API for affiliates
Open API for 3rd party tools

Effective payments processing

Affise Performance caters to finance and crypto affiliate networks of all types. It supports multiple payout methods, including CPA, RevShare, and Hybrid. Automate commission distribution for top affiliates with customization or implement tiered commission structures. Invoice directly or integrate with a 3rd party payment system to automate commission payments and save valuable time and effort.


Commission tiers
Billing API
Custom invoices with auto-generate option
Individual payouts
CPA / RevShare / Hybrid payout models

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