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If you are currently losing time and money trying to manage and market your brand across multiple platforms, then allow Affise to provide you with a streamlined solution that provides you with a return on your investment.

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  • Manage your affiliate networks
  • Track traffic and optimize results

Why is our API the best?

Affise’s API allows you to turn a troublesome integration into a smooth operation with a lasting outcome.

Integrating a range of technical services can be a complex and time-consuming process. This is because you need to consider all of the different technical requirements of each and every software product. To save you the hassle, we’re ready to give you a hand and undertake all the technical work for you.

The synergy of technology and progressive tools allows Affise's clients to form manageable partnerships that are funneled through revenue-generating marketing channels.

Experience the benefits of Affise’s API!

Connect directly to other systems

Connect directly to other systems

By using Affise’s API, you can directly access third-party systems to seamlessly integrate data. Think of it as an essential key to your partners' accounts.

Automated software updates to save you time

Automated software updates to save you time

Our API eliminates the need for timeous hours of manual work by automating updates on the different software.

Safe and transparent data exchanges

Safe and transparent data exchanges

Affise’s API guarantees transparency and security between networks, keeping data safe and visible to authorised entities only.


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Affise’s unique CPAPI technology transfers offers automatically

There’s no need for you to lose productive hours transferring offers manually. Affise technology is the first of its kind on the market to grant automatic integration with bulk advertisers. Our solution is here to help networks reduce time and costs by connecting affiliates in less than an hour.

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The first technology on the market which grants a prompt integration with a bulk of advertisers and automates the process of pulling offers. With its help networks cut down time and costs for integration and create immense affiliate programs in less than an hour.

Affise’s API is a perfect fit for your brand if:

You want to instantly integrate your affiliate business with more than one service or industry application.

You want to manage your brand on a single interface instead of maintaining several different systems for separate services.

You don't want to be burdened with the job of manually updating third-party systems.

You want to save time with the job of manually updating third-party systems.

You want your affiliates to have the ability to pull data directly from your records for cooperation that will benefit all parties.


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