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Affise Blog Editorial Guidelines

Thanks for expressing your interest in writing for Affise! We host original and insightful articles for brands and networks.

Before sending in your ideas, read through our guidelines below to ensure that it is aligned with the content that we are looking for:

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Our Audience

  • Affise blog caters to affiliate networks, agencies, direct advertisers, and brands from different verticals with a focus on general marketing, ecommerce, finance, and SaaS.

What to write about?

  • We are focused on keyword optimised SEO content. We will send you a list of keywords to choose from to help you steer the content you produce.
  • We don’t want articles aimed at publishers, and we definitely don’t want articles we already have at our blog

What we expect

  • Our readers expect well-written and insightful content. They are seeking not just mere tips but actionable strategies on how they can scale their partner relations.
  • Your post length should be a minimum of 2000 words
  • It must be original and has not been published elsewhere.
  • You must be an authority in what you are writing about. For example a digital marketer should not be writing about AI—we reserve the right to post them in Affise’s name if they are not relevant to the author.

Guest Posting Process

  • Take a look at our list of keywords and choose which you want to write about. Please research the SERPs to see which type of content and style of article will rank.
  • Submit your ideas through our dedicated form. Ideas submitted otherwise will not be entertained.
  • After we’ve agreed on a topic, we will provide you with a unique Clearscope link:
  • Your article must be optimized and get a minimum content grade of A+
  • You must use the correct keywords and headings
  • Please write your article in Clearscope or using the Clearscope Google Docs add on.
  • We expect the article to be written and sent back to us within 3 weeks, otherwise the keyword will be reallocated to another contributor.
  • Once you submit your article to us, we can post in a span of 7 – 40 business days —provided that there are little to no edits needed.
  • We expect you to promote your article through your business and personal social channels. Failure to do so will forfeit your chance to write repeat posts.

Article Guidelines

  • Write in US English.
  • Use headings (H2-H4) in your text, as this helps structure the content.
  • The post needs to be informative, authoritative, and credible (not salesy).
  • Always backup your statistics and statements with proof from credible sources. Try to include charts or graphs whenever appropriate.
  • Content needs to be keyword-optimized
  • Follow Google’s E-A-T rule
  • Include high quality and relevant images. Ensure to always link to your image sources.
  • Don’t include stock images. We only allow images from free sources such as pixabay.com, unsplash.com, etc.
  • Before submitting the article, run it through Hemingway.

External Linking Guidelines

  • You must include at least three links directing to any page from https://affise.com/.
  • You are allowed up to three do-follow links only, with a max of two links going to one domain. All other links will be set to no-follow.
  • Include outbound links only to authoritative case studies, reports, and supporting blog articles.
  • We reserve the right to remove any links we deem inappropriate, irrelevant, or only for the purpose of link building.

If you have understood the terms above, send in your information via this FORM: